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Since Würzburg was founded 1000 B.C. by the Celts, it has profited from its attractive location at the intersection of many important traffic roads. Three motorways, 350 train connections a day and the proximity to Frankfurt Airport help you arrive at your destination in no time at all.

A fascinating mix of contrasts is waiting for you. On one side, brilliant art historical highlights, museums and sites of the UNESCO World Heritage – on the other side, 30.000 students, future and vibrant internationality.

An absolute “must” for your trip to Würzburg is a guided tour through the Residence. In this amazing Baroque palace you will walk up the probably most beautiful staircase of the world to the largest painting of the world, the famous Tiepolo Fresco. It is not surprising that the castle and the gardens were included in the UNESCO World Heritage in 1982.

Before the prince-bishops had the Residence built “down” in the city, they used to live up high on the Fortress Marienberg.

Here you can visit a fortress in excellent condition and in the Museum für Franken (Museum for Franconia) you can admire the largest collection of masterpieces of the world-famous sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider. Another top attraction:the breathtaking view from the fortress over the picturesque ensemble of the Chapel of St. Mary, St. Kilian Cathedral, Neumünster Church, Grafeneckart and the Old Main Bridge with its larger than life figures of saints.  

The magic of the city is joined by a cultural landscape that is of high recreational value.

To the left and right of the Main grows the famous Franconian wine. The connection to the Franconian wine area creates another exciting contrast: on the one side, there is Würzburg with its cultural scene, world famous sites and events such as the Mozart Festival and Africa Festival – on the other side, there are wineries with an international reputation, cheerful wine festivals, delicious Franconian cuisine and an endless amount of leisure activities in wonderful surroundings. 


The 10 Best Restaurants in Würzburg

"Würzburg’s Franconian heritage and its scenic vineyards make it one of the most picturesque cities in northern Bavaria. Culinary delights are abundant and our list will help you chose among the city’s numerous restaurants." - by Culture Trip

All the increadible things to see in Würzburg

"One of the most magical towns to visit in Germany for wine aficionados, beer lovers, and fans of beautiful historic towns is right here in Northern Bavaria and Franconia is Würzburg, Germany." - by blogger duo Bobo & Chichi

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Mozart Festival Würzburg

28. May 2021 - 27. June 2021

Wine Village

28. May 2021 - 6. June 2021

Kiliani Fun Fair & Beer Festival

2. July 2021 @ 8:00 - 18. July 2021 @ 17:00



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