Historic Highlights of Germany would like to help travelers get to destinations off the beaten travel paths for a more meaningful travel experience. Seventeen historic cities have been carefully selected and suggest tours with a rich cultural experience, friendly environment and a relaxing time. Also referred to as Germany´s Heritage Cities, or Germany´s Originals, these destinations represent the vast cultural and culinary variety Germany has to offer. Participating cities are: Aachen, Augsburg, Bonn, Erfurt, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Koblenz, Lübeck, Münster, Osnabrück, Potsdam, Regensburg, Rostock, Trier, Tübingen, Wiesbaden and Würzburg.

Our #GermanQualityTimeAmbassadors will work together to create customized itineraries to meet interests, needs and travel style of your customers. Historic Highlights of Germany cooperates with the travel experts of the 17 cities, including strong partners such as the German National Tourist Board, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn and German Wine Institute, which are the contact for all providers of travels throughout Germany. Be part of our network!

Our Pillars of Success

Our Tourism Brand

It´s not only a logo or a tagline. Our Historic Highlights of Germany tourism brand is the consumers’ perception of Germany´s historic cities as a place to invest their precious quality time and money while traveling. It´s the sum total of what we communicate, what we promise to the traveler, and what they experience when they choose to spend time in our member cities.

Our challenge is to find the most compelling message to connect with consumers through travel media and the tourism industry and add a fresh new perspective to their already positive impressions of Germany.

Historic Highlights of Germany is registered as a trademark and protected by the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA).

The Brand Promise

‘Quality Time in a historic setting’ – this is what we promise, this is what the travelers will experience. Vacation time is one of the most precious times of the year for travelers all over the world. Getting to know new places and cultures is what many people are looking for while traveling. In Germany´s Heritage Cities, we keep this promise. The Old World Charm, paired with cosmopolitan lifestyle, is the key ingredient for our success and the positive reactions of our guests.

Our Brand Messages

Our Call-to-Action tagline

Our tagline “History up Your life!” is a personal invitation to the traveler to explore the diversity and quality of the Historic Highlights of Germany member cities experience AND to discover their individual idea of a great time in Germany.

Supported by our brand pillars (monuments, lifestyle, heritage, experiences, atmosphere, culture), “History up Your life!” offers a warm welcome to the traveler.

We believe in Meaningful Travel

Sure, we know this is a big word, but it encompasses so much we stand for and what we believe in. Therefore, we think ‘meaningful’ is the right term to use, when traveling to our cities and working with us on an unforgettable experience for your clients.

For us, Meaningful Travel has social, ecological and economical patterns which reflect on the traveler or the local community. In Germany´s Heritage cities, the traveler can broaden his/her knowledge about the local culture while visiting a museum, taking a guided tour, or by just sitting on the market square, watching the people pass by and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. For the local communities it means being able to make a living from the local produce they offer on farmers’ markets, restaurants or cafés or other locally-owned shops. It´s all being part of the local life and local culture. There is so much tourism can do for the individual person to broaden his/her mind, which will last a lifetime for that person – tourism can be a force for good in many ways.

We, as a company, also want to do our part in this. That’s why, on the one hand side, we would love to work with the travel industry in this matter and make journeys to our 17 German Heritage Cities meaningful for the traveler by giving the industry the information and the contacts they need to find those locally-owned businesses.
On the other hand side, within our company, we have reviewed our internal processes and made up our mind on what we can do to support the future of travel. We put together a ‘Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility‘ strategy that incorporates promoting the locally-owned businesses or taking the train as a sustainable way to travel through Germany. In addition, it will also help us find our own path to becoming a more ‘meaningful‘ and responsible company.

Our centuries-old history is our legacy and our guide to the future. We want to be a responsible partner in this process and that’s why we CARE.


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