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Visitors looking up the stairs to the ensemble of the “Mariendom” (St Mary’s Cathedral) and the “Severikirche” (St Severus Church) can not believe their eyes – the enormous monuments rise from the “Domplatz” (Cathedral Square) like mountains and are the spectacular start for your tour of Erfurt.
At approximately the same time as the more than 500 year old cathedral bell “Glorosia” was cast, a man that was meant to change the world arrived in Erfurt: Martin Luther.

 Martin Luther studied “liberal arts” at the University of Erfurt, then lived as a monk in the Augustinerkloster  (Augustinian Monastery), was ordained in the cathedral and preached in the Kaufmanns-, Michaelis- and Barfüßerkirche (Merchant’s-, Michaeli- and Blackfriar’s Chruch).Memories such as the Lutherzelle (Luther Cell) and the Lutherdenkmal (Luther Monument) remind us of the life and works of the great reformer.

Beyond that, the medieval Jewish history comes to life in Erfurt: the Erfurter Synagoge (Erfurt Synagogue) dates back to the 11th century and is the oldest from basement to roof preserved synagogue in Central Europe. The Erfurter Synagoge as well as the Erfurter Schatz (Erfurt Treasure) were rediscovered in the nineties. The Erfurter Schatz consists of a hoard of coins, gold and silver jewelry and of a rare Jewish wedding ring that goes back to the 14th century. After several exhibitions in New York, London and Paris, the treasure is now on permanent display in Erfurt.
Almost 1300 years of heritage make Erfurt a picture book example of German history.

Erfurt has one of Germany’s best preserved medieval Old Town with wealthy patrician houses, charming half-timbered houses and numerous churches which gave the city the nickname of “Thuringian Rome”.

One of the historic highlights is the unique Krämerbrücke (Merchants’ Bridge), the longest European bridge covered with inhabitable buildings. All around this exceptional bridge beats the heart of a modern regional capital. Have a stroll through small shops and large department stores and enjoy the charming cafés and cozy restaurants Erfurt has to offer. 


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Federal Horticultural Show 2021

April 23 - October 10

Erfurt Christmas Market

November 22 - December 22



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