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Wiesbaden is the perfect combination of tradition and modern lifestyle. In the 19th century the city was planned to be a place of well-being, luxury and beauty – and this is exactly what it turned out to be!

While strolling through the city you will know immediately why Wiesbaden is sometimes called the “Pearl of Historism”. In many locations the city was able to preserve its charm of a 19th century spa town. The Kurhaus Wiesbaden, for example, combines various kinds of architecture – from neo-classical to Art Nouveau.

Today the Hessian State Parliament has its seat in the “Stadtschloss” (City Palace), the former palace of Duke William of Nassau.

If you hear the words “Faites votre jeu” (Make your play) or “Curtains up” you must either be in one of the noble rooms of the Casino – one of the oldest casinos in Germany – or in the Hessisches Staatstheater (Hessian State Theater). The latter is one of the most successful stages of all German speaking countries. The pompous Rococo lobby was added on in 1902 and is of particular interest.

Beyond that, you can admire well preserved villa quarters and noble mansions that run along gorgeous avenues. A large number of parks and gardens traverse the city and just like the numerous restaurants, lounges, and bars – they invite you to have a nice relaxing break.

In the past, Wiesbaden was famous for its 26 hot springs.

Already 2000 years ago the Romans knew about the beneficial effect of the thermal water and recovered in the springs from their campaigns. Experience the hot springs in an Art Nouveau ambience of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme (Emperor Friedrich Baths).

Within the city, the Neroberg, Wiesbaden’s local mountain, belongs to the most popular sites. Try it out: the journey with the 1888 installed cable car is an experience in itself!


How to Spend 24 Hours in Wiesbaden

"Being only 40 minutes away from Frankfurt and across the river from Mainz, Wiesbaden makes for a fantastic day trip if you’re in the area. The cityscape of Hesse’s state capital is shaped by Neoclassicist and neo-Gothic buildings, beautiful churches [...]


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March 19 - March 21



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