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You are invited to experience an opulent European program of theater and music, literature, dancing and cabaret on more than ten stages and, in addition, to let yourself be spoiled by Potsdam’s best cooks. A spectacular firework display to music above the “Neues Palais” (New Palace) will form the traditional crowning conclusion to this night of castles.

Light and water and solemnly illuminated palaces have always fascinated people. Baroque fireworks were the highlight of every festival at court. At six weekends in summer the castles, churches and buildings along the waterfront of the Havel River will ablaze with light. In the evening the ships of the “Weiße Flotte” (White Fleet) will put to sea to a three hours shipping parade.

Alongside Potsdam’s Castle and Park area you will be able to relish a gorgeous sunset. In Sacrow, at the “Heilandskirche” (Church of the Redeemer), the ships assemble for the first highlight of this amazing night: a classic brass concert in front of the church, illuminated with numerous torches. This happening will put you in the right mood for the following great events. You will see fairies dancing in front of the spotlighted castles of the Hohenzollern dynasty along the water front of the “Jungfernsee” (Virgin’s Lake). A baroque firework falling down the illuminated “Glienicker Brücke” (Glienicker Bridge) will be the delightful ending of this unique experience. Music from the days of Frederick the Great will make this event unforgettable.