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The wine parade is beyond comparison: Imagine sitting in a cozy pagoda-shaped tent on the market square, in front of the “Marienkapelle” (Chapel of St Mary). You have the choice of 100 wines from the best wine estates plus culinary treats of the highest quality.

The atmosphere at a Weinfest is hard to describe. It needs to be experienced: the happy, friendly faces, the balmy summer breeze, the music, the relaxing atmosphere. It’s just right. And Würzburg and the Franconian Wine Country are great places to experience it.

Here are some options for you: A wine fest in the city with cosmopolitan flair, or a wine fest in a village outside Würzburg with a unique countryside feel. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.
It is not possible to list all wine festivals here, but we will gladly provide a list of the most important ones.