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“Rooted in Thuringia. At home in Erfurt. In 2021, the (federal) garden show will come home to Erfurt, in the city where the first international garden show took place in 1865. This story makes BUGA 2021 visible and tangible again – entirely in the tradition of Erfurt as a city of flowers and as the cradle of gardening. Because it was the cultivation of the woad plant, the establishment of commercial horticulture by Christian Reichart and the breeding or trade in flower and vegetable seeds that made Erfurt blossom as a garden and flower city. Throughout history, Erfurt horticulture has produced and shaped a wide variety of horticultural crops, developments and personalities. Erfurt’s horticultural companies have also established the horticultural show’s event culture, which is still successful today. The first internationally significant horticultural exhibitions took place here in 1865 and 1876, and in the 1920s a garden and landscape park opened on the site of the Cyriaksburg fortress. This was expanded on the occasion of the first International Horticultural Exhibition (iga) in 1961 and is still a living connection between tradition and modernity.

From April 23 to October 10, 2021, the garden show tradition will return to its home as a federal garden show and will be presented on two unique exhibition areas – the historic Petersberg and the garden monument egapark.
The egapark, created with the iga in 1961, is now much more than a former garden show area. It is a lively combination of tradition and modernity, a popular leisure destination for all ages, a unique garden park with more than half a million visitors every year.
Monastery site, witness of Kurmainzian rule and French occupation – Petersberg, the second BUGA site, has played many roles in its long and eventful history. The popular vantage point above the roofs of the lively old town will shine in new splendor at BUGA Erfurt 2021.

The city literally continues to flourish until 2021 and shows itself in an unprecedented way – with floral splendor and abundance of plants, with modern ideas, architectural highlights and inspiring gardening attractions and “flowers without end”: more than 7,000 square meters of interchangeable pile on the exhibition areas, over 5,000 square meters Perennial planting, hundreds of varieties of roses, dahlias, iris, geranium and peonies, plus weekly changing flower shows, special shrubs and potted plants – flowers on over 87,000 square meters. 5,000 events over 171 days, over 15 themed gardens, Thuringia’s largest playground, a knowledge forest full of surprises. Marvel, experience, play and, as a highlight, discover the Danakil, the desert and jungle house newly opened at BUGA in the heart of the egapark – two climate zones around an attractive topic, the strategies of selected plants and animals in dealing with water, in the drought and the abundance.

The garden, culture and leisure activities in the two exhibition areas are intended to surprise and delight BUGA visitors. Above all, variants for the implementation of current and future demands of urban life for leisure and recreational opportunities close to the city are shown. This is supported not only by a culturally interesting offer (e.g. in the German Horticultural Museum in the egapark or in the Peterskirche on the Petersberg), but also by the event program.

A gastronomic offer based on regional cuisine in the midst of mature gardens and parks is offered on the exhibition grounds. Enjoyment and the imparting of joie de vivre are important goals. For Erfurt, BUGA Erfurt 2021 creates new and redesigned leisure spaces and thus permanently better quality of life. The range of exhibitions is rounded off by the unique Erfurt Old Town.” – City of Erfurt